Ecotapes: sustainable printed tapes

Good for the environment and of the best quality

Benefits for both the environment and the customers and partners of Laro Tape. And with the quality you can expect from us!

Less impact on the environment
The development of printed, ecological tapes is an important goal for Laro Tape. Among other things, with the development of printed, ecological tapes we reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Sustainable alternative
Laro Tape believes that developing printed, ecological tapes is not only good for the environment, but also for their customers. More and more customers are concerned with sustainability and want to buy products that are ecologically sound. By developing printed, ecological tapes, Laro Tape can meet this demand and offer customers a more sustainable alternative.

Ecotapes in different variants
Ecotapes are available in different variants. For example, there are ecological tapes made of paper and plastic. The degree of durability also differs among the different Ecotapes. Not all customers have the same needs when it comes to sustainability. Therefore, Laro Tape offers Ecotapes with different degrees of sustainability, provided with transparent information. This way everyone can make a fair choice that suits them best.

Laro Tape has the following Ecotapes in its range:

EcoPaper 110
EcoPaper 110 is a self-adhesive paper tape consisting of a silicone and plastic free paper backing (60g/m2) made from (ECF) chlorine-free bleached pulp. The tape features natural rubber adhesive from predominantly renewable resources. This paper tape offers a reliable, durable and plastic-free tape alternative and is well suited for light and medium weight packages. The tape can be processed by hand, tape dispenser or an automated application. This tape has a biobased content of c.a. 65%. This tape is available in brown and white.

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EcoPaper 310
Ecopaper 310 is our most sustainable paper tape. This tape is FSC® certified (the parent rolls we purchase are FSC certified, but due to our processing in production, the final product does not have FSC certification) and provided with natural rubber adhesive. This makes the tape very suitable for sustainable sealing of shipments.Moreover, it is perfect to apply to medium and heavy packages. The Ecopaper 310 is excellent for manual processing, but it is also suitable for a tape dispenser or an automated application. The brown paper gives the tape an ecological look and feel.

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Eco 210
Eco 210 has a BOPET film that consists of at least 85% recycled plastic waste, derived from PET bottles. It is a thin but very strong tape with great adhesive strength. The tape has an adhesive layer based on synthetic rubber (hot melt). The Eco 210 is very suitable for light, medium and heavy packages. The tape is excellent for manual processing, but also with a tape dispenser or an automated application.

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Ecotapes: the future of printed tapes

Laro Tape is determined to continue the development of ecological tapes and offer sustainable alternatives. We believe it will be an important part of the future of printed tapes and we are proud to contribute to it."