EcoPaper 110

65% biobased paper tape

EcoPaper 110

EcoPaper 110 is a self-adhesive paper tape consisting of a silicone and plastic-free paper backing (60g/m2) made from (ECF) chlorine-free bleached pulp. The tape features natural rubber adhesive from predominantly renewable resources. This paper tape offers a reliable, durable and plastic-free tape alternative and is well suited for light and medium weight packages. The tape can be processed by hand, tape dispenser or an automated application. This tape has a biobased content of c.a. 65%. This tape is available in brown and white.


  • Paper made from unbleached chlorine-free (ECF) natural pulp sourced from sustainable European forestry
  • Paper backing is silicone and plastic free
  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces
  • Easy and quiet unrolling
  • Can be torn off by hand
  • Recyclable.

 Printing of Eco 110

When designing printing for the durable Eco 110 please keep the following in mind: small details/grids may close or drop out, colorization and full slide printing is not possible. And there are a limited number of print colors available and colors may turn out slightly different. Printing in light colors such as white and yellow may be difficult to read/see. Our graphic designers will be happy to help you create the right design!

Available colors

  • Brown
  • White