When solid is good enough


Economy PP Hotmelt tape, the adhesive layer and the sound

Both the hotmelt and the acrylic version of this tape have a PP foil. The difference is in the adhesive layer and amount of noise when unrolling. The adhesive layer of PP Hotmelt tape is based on synthetic rubber, as a result the tape adheres easily and quickly. It can handle both light and heavier packaging operations and is suitable for box closing machines and hand dispensers. It is easy to roll off, but it makes relatively a bit more noise. This tape is best processed at +5 °C or higher.

Limitations in printing

This tape offers slightly less printing options than Premium PVC tape. For example, it is not suitable for half-tone printing or a design where many colours are close together. Diapositive printing is possible, but for production-technical reasons there will be a white border of two millimetres on both the top and bottom. If diapositive printing is desired, consider our Premium PVC tape.

The advantages of PP hotmelt adhesive tape

  • Suitable for industrial use

  • Good adhesion 

  • Rolls off easily 

  • High initial adhesive strength 

  • Can be processed at +5 °C or higher 

  • Available from 36 rolls

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Download the product sheet with technical information here.