Production and delivery times

Reliable production and delivery times are crucial to your and our success

Our team is happy to inform you about the different delivery times for all our tapes, so that you have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Or scroll down and read more about the factors that influence the delivery time of your order!

When printing the tape, Team Laro Tape produces with a unique robotic printing system. In total, we at Laro Tape have no less than 20 printing machines with which we produce and process 20,000 rolls of printed tape every day. With these production facilities, we strive for reliable deliveries every day.

There are several factors that have a major influence on the delivery time when printing tape: 

  • Printing (number of colours)

  • Tape variety (which quality)

  • Cylinder size

  • Order size

  • Transport

  • Occupation

  • How busy it is

We currently use the following indicative delivery times:

Tape variety

Indicative delivery time

Printed PVC tape

Approximately 3-4 working weeks after approval pre-print

Printed PP-Hotmelt

Approximately 2-4 working weeks after approval of the pre-print

Printed Paper tape

Approximately 3-5 working weeks after approval of the pre-print

Printed PP Acryl tape

Approximately 5-6 working weeks after approval of the pre-print

Unprinted tape

Delivery from stock


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