Personalized tape

Tape that fits seamlessly with the image of your company

We supply tape with a unique print, for your business. By combining our expertise with the latest techniques and a well-organised logistics system, we deliver the best tape at the best price.


Tape is used wherever products need to be packaged or shipped. The use of tape has increased enormously with the rise of e-commerce. Running a webshop? Printed tape offers you a great opportunity to be distinctive and to package your products in a safe and recognisable manner. It creates trust and ensures that customers see and remember your name. But also in the world of light and sound products, printed tape is used to bundle cables, for example. This is also called cable tape.


An inexpensive, simple and a very effective means of communication

When customers see your name, it creates trust and your name settles in their memory. In this way, printed tape increases your brand awareness in a simple and inexpensive way, and you make optimal use of your packaging tape. In addition, your products are well protected during transport.

Radiate what you are

Printed tape not only ensures a secure closure of your packaging, but also makes it recognisable. It is part of your company's image: personal, meticulous, with attention to detail.