Unprinted tape

Also if you prefer to wrap your products in neutral packaging we have the solution for you. Laro Tape supplies three types of packing tape without printing, i.e. unprinted tape. These tapes vary according to the type of foil, its color, and the glue.

Laro Premium:
A strong PVC tape. It is the qualitatively best and most frequently chosen tape. Quiet while unrolling and extra strong. Read more about tape quality.

Laro Economy:This is a PP tape which has the same characteristics as the acrylic variant, but the foil is thicker and the tape is quiet on unrolling. Read more about tape quality.

Laro Lowbudget:
A nice PP- acrylic tape. Our cheapest and easy to unroll. Read more about tape quality.

Unprinted tape is available in the colors white, brown, and transparent. Available sizes: 50mm x 66m.

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If desired a few product-photo's can be downloaded:

Unprinted brown tape Unprinted white tape
Unprinted brown tape Unprinted white tape

Unprinted transparent tape
Unprinted transparent tape