No surprises afterwards: check your tape design in 3D

18 June 2021

Avoid surprises afterwards: check your tape design in 3D

New website with new 3D tape preview tool

It is always exciting: submitting your tape design! You've come up with a nice design, but what does it actually look like on printed tape? Does it come across as you intended? And what does it look like if you stick it on a cardboard box? And have you chosen the right tape type? With the new 3D tape preview tool on our new website, these kinds of questions are a thing of the past.

How does the new 3D tape preview tool work?
The 3D tape preview tool ensures that you get a preview of your tape ordered online. This preview includes your supplied design of course! The 3D tape preview tool is part of the online ordering and delivery process in our webshop. If you order personalized tape and submit your design (parts), you will receive a proof from us for assessment. Until now you received this in 2D. From now on you will also receive a 3D representation in multiple views. This way you can realistically see what your designed tape will look like. Are things not right? Let us know via the tool and you will receive a corrected preview. In 3D!

What's the use of the new 3D tape preview tool?

1 - You can assess your printed tape in advance
Avoid surprises afterwards, assess the tape design beforehand and see what it will actually look like.

2 - You can discover a mistake in your tape design faster
The 3D display makes it easier to see if something is not right or if there is a mistake in the design. Prevention is better than cure!

3 - You can check whether you have chosen the correct tape type
Your design will look different on paper tape than on PVC tape. In the 3D tape design tool you can assess this well and you know for sure whether you have made the right choice.

What else is new on the Laro Tape website?

Easier ordering in the renewed webshop
The webshop has been renewed and contains many new, useful functionalities. This makes it even easier to order your new tape faster.

Learn more about tape and tape printing
All information on the website is completely up-to-date and complete. A lot of new tape information has also been added. Do you have questions about tape? The answer can undoubtedly be found on our website. Videos have also been added to the homepage. You can also watch the video about printing tape here.

A look behind the scenes at Laro Tape
We have added new photos to all pages in the new website. All photos were taken at Laro Tape on location. This gives you a good impression of how things work at our place and how proud we are of our employees. Do you want to know more about the history and future of Laro Tape? Then watch the video on the homepage. You can also watch this video here.

Feedback is welcome!
We are curious what you think of our new website! Do you have any tips for us? We would like to hear it! With your feedback we can improve the website even more.

No surprises afterwards: check your tape design in 3D