Craftsmanship is mastery

Making tape is a craft, printing tape is craftsmanship

We supply tape with a unique print, for your business. By combining our expertise with the latest techniques and a well-organised logistics system, we deliver the best tape at the best price.

Printed tape

Printed tape not only ensures a secure closure of your packaging, but also makes it recognisable. It is part of the image of your company: personalised, carefully finished, with attention to detail. Our packing tape is not only functional, but also looks nice and neat. After all, it is the showpiece of your organisation. Printing tape is craftsmanship that requires professionals. Laro Tape's professionals. Would you like to present yourself as a company with something other than printed tape based on PVC or PP? Then you can opt for printed paper tape. Would you like to present yourself as a company with something other than printed tape based on PVC or PP? An adhesive layer of natural rubber is the base of this tape.


Unprinted tape

Do you prefer to package your products neutrally? Then unprinted tape is the cost-effective alternative with which you can close boxes securely and reliably, ready for shipment. You can also contact us if you prefer neutral packaging. Laro Tape supplies three types of packaging tape without print, thus unprinted tape. These tapes differ in the type of foil, the colour of the foil and the adhesive layer. 

Sustainable tape: Ecotapes

Ecotapes has great benefits for both the environment and users of printed tape. Ecological printed tape with the quality you have come to expect from us! Ecotapes are available in different varieties available at Laro Tape. For example, there are ecological tapes made of paper and plastic. Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to sustainability. Therefore, Laro Tape offers Ecotapes with different degrees of sustainability, provided with transparent information. This way, everyone can make an honest choice that suits them best.

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