Laro Tape is committed to sustainability

Sustainable solutions from a sustainable building

As soon as you walk into us, you feel the pride. Proud of our company, our craftsmanship and of course our tape products. That is in our DNA. Just like sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in everything we do. Because we believe that that will take us − and the world around us − further.

Sustainability and innovation go hand at Laro Tape. And that starts with our employees. As a Dutch family business, we aim for innovations that really contribute to a better balance between people, the environment and results.

We would like to share some examples that show how our sustainable approach works:

Sustainable building

The roof renovation of our building at Vermeerstraat 15 in Ommen was completed at the end of 2017. Our building has a flat roof, so a lot of heat was lost in the cold months and the heat lingered on hot summer days. We opted for a roof insulation in white. The idea? White reflects and blocks the heat slightly, so that less cooling is required. The result? Low energy costs. 

Heat recovery installation

A heat recovery installation has been installed to improve the indoor climate. In summer, this system blows cool air into the building and removes the warm air. In winter, the cold outside air is warmed up by warmer air that is taken from the building. Mid 2019 it was time for the next step: insulating and renovating the industrial hall. The walls are provided with so-called sandwich panels. These facade panels have a high insulation value, are easy to assemble and offer the option of airtight construction. This resulted in a 20% reduction in energy consumption in two years

Sustainable LED lighting

We recently had our building completely converted to LED lighting. We have also ensured, where possible, that our lighting is only on when needed by applying motion sensors. Other seemingly simple interventions include insulating heating pipes in places where the warm is not needed and properly adjusting the heating system by bringing heat only where and when it is needed. These are somewhat larger but also small adjustments that together can make all the difference!

Sustainable tape

At the end of 2019, we were the first in the Netherlands to market a biodegradable adhesive tape: monta biopack®. This sustainable adhesive tape breaks down in industrial composting installations within a few months. To this end, the tape was the first in Europe to be certified by TüV Austria, which has awarded the OK Compost Industrial quality mark. This means that monta biopack meets the strict requirements and standards in the field of compostability, biodegradability, eco-toxicity and material properties. Although it does not have a quality mark for this, the adhesive tape can also be collected separately for plastic recycling or burned in waste-to-energy plants. The packaging industry can use the tape to seal cardboard boxes or to seal biodegradable bags and foils, florists and gardeners to bundle flowers or garden waste. The tape can also be used by green webshops, organic stores or manufacturers of organic products.


Recently, our tape specialists have been working on the development of ecological, sustainable tapes. This has resulted in a sustainable range of printed tapes under the name: Ecotapes.
Ecotapes has great benefits for both the environment and users of printed tape. Ecological printed tape with the quality you have come to expect from us!
Ecotapes are available in different varieties available at Laro Tape. There are ecological tapes from paper (EcoPaper 110 and the even more durable EcoPaper 310) as well as from plastic (Eco 210). Laro Tape offers Ecotapes with different degrees of sustainability, provided with transparent information. So you can make a fair choice that suits you best.

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