Unprinted tape

The cost-effective alternative to printed tape

Whatever the benefits of personalised, printed tape, you may also prefer to pack your products in neutral packaging. Then unprinted tape is the cost-effective alternative with which you can close the boxes securely and reliably, ready for shipment. The standard dimensions are 50 mm x 66 metres.

Various qualities

Our unprinted tape is available in various qualities, for example the most popular quality PVC, but also PP-Hotmelt or PP-Acryl. The difference has to do with the type of foil, the colour of the foil and the adhesive. Read more about the different tape qualities.


PVC tape:
Our showpiece is a strong PVC tape. It is the best quality tape and is therefore the most commonly chosen tape. It unrolls quietly and extra strong.


PP Acrylic tape
A beautiful PP Acrylic tape, our most affordable quality. Nice and easy to roll.


PP Hotmelt tape:
This is a PP tape with the same properties as the acrylic version, but the foil is thicker and the tape unrolls quietly.

Paper tape:

Paper tape is available in a brown or white version and gives the tape an ecological look, which is simple and beautiful at the same time.

Sustainable tape:

Our monta biopack is the first packaging tape certified by TüV Austria in Europe. The tape is made with a biobased foil and a unique, natural rubber adhesive. The sustainable monta biopack is made from approximately 90% renewable resources and is suitable for industrial composting. 


Unprinted tape is available in the colours white, brown and transparent and is attractively priced.

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