Ecotapes: the future of printed tape

04 May 2023

Laro Tape, leading manufacturer of printed tape in Europe, is fully engaged in the development of printed, ecological, sustainable tapes. Laro Tape's project team is passionately working on this development and the benefits it brings to both the environment and Laro Tape's customers and partners.

Less impact on the environment

Developing printed, ecological tapes is an important goal for Laro Tape. "We have a responsibility to make our business sustainable and environmentally responsible," said Koen Rolvink, director of Laro Tape. "We are aware of the impact our company has on the environment and want to reduce this impact by developing printed, ecological tapes." 

Sustainable alternative

Laro Tape believes that developing printed, ecological tapes is not only good for the environment, but also for their customers. More and more customers are concerned with sustainability and want to buy products that are ecologically sound. By developing printed, ecological tapes, Laro Tape can meet this demand and offer customers a more sustainable alternative. 

Many steps taken

Developing printed, ecological tapes is no easy task. Laro Tape has already taken the necessary steps to provide these tapes. The project team is testing different tapes in the laboratory and they are being printed in Laro Tape's print shop. It is expected that after the summer Laro Tape will be able to offer the first printed, ecological tapes under the name Ecotapes.

Ecotapes in different variants

Ecotapes will be available in different variants. For example, there will be ecological tapes made of paper and plastic. Also, the degree of durability will differ among the different Ecotapes. Not all customers have the same needs when it comes to sustainability. Therefore, Laro Tape offers Ecotapes with different degrees of sustainability, provided with transparent information. This way, customers can make an honest choice that suits them best. 

Ecotapes: the future of printed tapes

Koen Rolvink and Laro Tape are determined to continue the development of ecological tapes and offer their customers a sustainable alternative. "We are very excited about the possibilities of Ecotapes," Rolvink said. "We believe it will be an important part of the future of printed tapes and we are proud to contribute to it."

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Ecotapes: the future of printed tape