Social Distancing Tape - Ready-to-use printed tape for specific situations

18 May 2020
One and a half meters away remains essential!
Now that the rules surrounding the Corona virus are increasingly relaxed, everyone is moving more and more. Primary schools, hairdressers, beauticians, for example, have now opened their doors again, and sports at the gyms are also possible again. So we can do more, but with one and a half meters away from each other. This remains essential, but enforcement in practice sometimes proves difficult.

Social distancing tape for specific situations

However, this can be managed properly. But how do you do that? After all, at a school you address visitors differently than at the office and at a sports club it works just a little differently than in public spaces. Laro Tape has thought along with you about this and has therefore developed various printed tapes for specific situations.

Keep helping each other!
The striking, printed tapes are all provided with a catchy text.
All you have to do is stick the printed tape on the floor, at a social distancing distance! This way everyone is kindly reminded to keep their distance. It is then immediately visible to your visitor, customer and employee how far they can go. This is how we continue to help each other in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Need tape?
Do you need social distancing tape? Then go to the special order page, view the variants and order the printed tape. We have a very attractive price for this.

Use of this packing tape is at your own risk, it may leave traces of glue. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of the tape.

Social Distancing Tape - Ready-to-use printed tape for specific situations