Tape quality

Tape consists of foil (the bearer) and the glue layer (adhesive mass). The difference between PP and PVC tape is the type of foil. One has polyvinychloride (PVC)  foil and the the other has polypropyleen (PP) foil. The thickness of the tape is expressed in mµ. The standard thickness we use for PVC is 53 mµ.

PVC -tape

PVC tape is also called the "Mercedes" of tapes. It is the best quality tape with the best printing results. The PVC film has an excellent printability. PVC also scores well in the area of adhesion. The tape sticks almost immediately after application. Moreover, PVC is suitable for various substrates such as cardboard, paper, plastic, etc. It is a great product to work with; low noise when unrolling, and PVC tape can be torn by hand. PVC is suitable for recycling and it can be turned into energy.

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Both the hotmelt  and the acrylic variant have a PP film. The difference is in the adhesive layer. PP hotmelt has an adhesive layer based on synthetic rubber. Suitable for both lighter and heavier packaging operations. This tape is also suitable for carton sealers. The disadvantage of this tape is that it's  noisy when unrolling which makes it less pleasant in use. PP-hotmelt tape offers less printing options than PVC. For instance, it is not suitable for a raster print or a design with many colors close together. A diapositive print is possible, but there will be a 2 mm white edge both on the top and bottom. This is due to production-technical reasons.

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This tape has the characteristic that it sticks slightly less than PVC initially, but has good adhesion after it is applies for a longer period. PP acrylic tape rolls out with relatively little noise and this makes it a pleasant product to work with. The tape is suitable for somewhat lighter packaging operations. The adhesive layer is water-based, an environmentally friendly feature. PP-acrylic has fewer printing options than PVC. 

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Paper tape

Paper tape has a good adhesive strenght. The tape sticks immediately, attaches easily and quickly. The paper gives your tape an ecological appearance. Paper tape rolls out easily, which makes it suitable for hand dispensers. Paper tape has fewer printing options than PVC. Colouring the tape or a diapositive print is not possible here. A maximum of 50 % of the surface is printable. Screen printing a possibility, but due to the uneven surface of the paper tape is it possible that the details disappear/close. 

For more detailed information, please check our product sheets