Research and development of paramount importance

Laro Tape guarantees continuity and quality

The Laro Tape team is committed to ensuring that the tape we produce is of the highest quality. That starts with testing our tapes according to a uniform method. In our fully equipped test lab, we perform laboratory tests according to industry standards. Accelerated aging testing, adhesion and sealing properties, drop testing, high speed application and tape testing in extreme or adverse conditions ensure the continuity in quality and performance of all our tapes.

High-quality materials and technical expertise

We purchase our high-quality materials from supply partners with whom we have a long-term relationship. These materials, combined with our technical expertise, ensure that our tape performs as expected time and time again. In this way we guarantee continuity of supply and reliable product performance and specifications.


We continuously invest in research and development. In this way, we also offer customers the opportunity to work with us. We would be happy to talk to you to identify, develop and deliver tape that exactly fits your specific wishes, requirements and needs.

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