Tape printing colors

How do you choose the right printing color for your tape? The tape color (background color) and printing colors are selected by our designers according to your wishes. Every color has its own color code. These codes are vital to ensure your tape will be printed in the colors you want. Laro Tape uses PMS color codes. Within this scheme of color coding, there are many possibilities, so a desired color is certainly included. If you already know a PMS color code, please let us know.

Background colors

The standard colors of the tape are white, brown, and transparent. This is the background (-color) for the printing. Of course much more is possible. An idea, for example, could be coloring the background completely in a desired color instead of the standard background colors. The complete coloring in will be counted as a printing color, though. Read more about types of tape printing..

For questions about printing colors, you can contact our sales department: sales@larotape.nl