Tape design

Your brand will stick even better

Printed tape is not just tape. It is a powerful communication tool that puts your brand on the map. It starts with good tape design!

Distinctiveness is increasingly important

The use of custom printed tape ensures that your brand is visible from the moment the package leaves your premises, until it arrives at the customer. And with the increase in online orders and shipments, distinctiveness is becoming increasingly important. That is possible with printed tape!

Build trust

The first impression is important! With printed tape you make a great first impression when your package arrives at the customer. It shows that you have packed the shipment with care and that attention has been paid to details during shipping. This helps to build trust in your company and your products.

Our designers are there for you

Our designers are ready to help you to create the perfect tape design. They have extensive experience in making the most diverse designs and are happy to use that experience for you. Mail your ideas, logos, corporate identity and other information and our designers will get to work for you.

Own design

Of course, a ready-made, own design is also good, then there are a few (technical) things you should pay attention to. For the best results, carefully read the tips for submitting the tape design before you start designing.

Your partner in printed tape