All about tape

What do you need to know?

If you need printed tape, there are many options! Consider, for example, material, colors, circulation and design. Choose the tape and design that suits you. We are happy to tell you more about it!

Printed tape is packaging tape with, for example, your company details, brand or logo.

Show who you are
Printed tape not only ensures a secure closure of your packaging, but also recognizes it. It is part of the image of your company: personal, careful, with attention to detail.

An inexpensive, simple and effective means of communication
When customers see your name, it creates trust and your name settles in their memory. With a good design, printed tape improves your brand awareness in a simple and economical way. In addition, your products are well protected during transport.

Various qualities
Our printed tape is available in various qualities, for example our showpiece and at the same time the most chosen quality PVC, but also paper, durable tape, PP-Hotmelt or PP-Acrylic. The difference has to do with the type of foil, the color of the foil and the adhesive. Read more about the qualities of tape.

The printing technique
We print your tape using one or more clichés. Such a cliché can be compared to a stamp. It is a photo polymer plate, parts of which have been cut out. This creates higher and lower parts. The number of clichés needed depends on the number of printing colors required. When the cliché has been made, it is attached to a cylinder. This must be done very precisely. It ensures a high quality of the prints. Once the cliché has been attached, the tape printing machines are provided with the desired colors of ink (s). The higher parts of the cliché press the ink onto the tape. We can often use a cliché several times. Read more about tape printing.

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