Types of tape printing

There are many possibilities

Tape can be printed in various ways. The various options are explained below.

Positive printing:

It leaves the largest part of the tape unprinted. The base-color of the tape is the background-color.

Reverse printing:

For this method, text and/or logo are left open and imprinted against a colored or black background. On white tape, the lettering will be white (tape-color), and the background colored or black (ink-color). The seam of the cliché will be visible here: it will also appear on repeating the cliché. That's because the flat cliché is attached around a cylinder. This creates a V-shape where the ends meet. The cliché-seam is the vertical, unprinted white line which can be seen in a print preview.

Colored-in printing:

In this case the entire tape is colored in first and printed on after. So the tape will be printed twice.

Reverse printing without a cliché-seam:

This is a reverse print, but without the seam/connection of the cliché. This is possible by using a perfectly round cliché, a so-called sleeve.